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Bitumen Applications

South Africa and Sub-Sahara

There are a number of applications where our world class heat tracing solutions can be applied, including (but are not limited to):

Electrical Tank Container Heating Systems

Bitumen industry

eltherm offers world-class tailor-engineered heating solutions and project management services to companies operating in the bitumen industry who need our expertise to assist in viscosity management as well as storage and transportation. eltherm South Africa offers a wide range of high quality heating cables specifically for the industry. Mineral insulated cable is one of the most commonly used cables for bitumen applications and eltherm South Africa is able to boast state of the art laser welded cables thereby offering a superior product to many of our competitors. If you are looking for an internationally acclaimed turnkey heating solutions provider for assistance on your next project, look no further than eltherm.

With electrical trace heating the best results can be achieved by distributing the heat evenly over a larger section of the pipe. The main aim of EHT systems is to compensate for the heat losses along the pipe. Therefore the watts density being applied is lower than that given off by Incoloy elements which means that your product is prevented from burning and spoiling. Heat-up times are longer with EHT systems, however the benefit in the quality of the product being produced is significant.

An additional benefit when applying EHT systems to bitumen processes is that the system can be set at lower maintenance temperature, thereby offering a significant energy saving which provides an overall reduction in operating costs. In our experience, a properly designed EHT system correctly applied to bitumen applications yields the best quality product and significant savings.

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