Building services engineering

Electrical heat tracing in building services is used primarily for freeze prevention and thus to prevent damage to residential and commercial buildings, as well as dangers to people from ice and snow. By heating the relevant areas, it can be ensured that melt water can drain away and possible damage caused by re-freezing can be prevented. Another reason is also the prevention of pipe bursting due to freezing of transported liquids (e.g. water, fuel oil) and damage to heating systems, as well as the preservation of flowability.

Warm water temperature maintenance is used to save energy and water consumption. The innovative Water Comfort system also prevents the formation of legionella in drinking water by regulated temperature increase.

    Indoor applications:

    • Water pipes
    • Fuel oil lines, heating systems
    • Grease and waste water pipes
    • Hot water pipes
    • Cold room doors
    • HVAC system components (fans, valves, pumps, etc.)

    Outdoor applications:

    • Roof & gutter heating, downspouts, flat roof
    • Window & windowsill heating
    • Sidewalk & ramp heating
    • Garage driveways
    • Parking garages
    • Facade heating
    • Escape staircases
    • Sprinkler systems
    • Fire extinguishing lines

    Gutter heaters

    In the cold winter months, it is not uncommon for rain gutters or downspouts to get damaged. If the icicles also fall off, they can cause enormous damage and possibly even injure pedestrians. Appropriate frost protection is therefore necessary for several reasons.

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