Sample gas analysis

Temperature maintenance of gases and liquids

When it comes to sample gas analysis, it is particularly important to maintain the temperature of gaseous media during transport from the sampling point to an analysis measuring device. For its application, it is particularly important to keep the temperature above a certain dew point. If the medium loses temperature, there is a risk of condensation forming in the gas, which can lead to clogging of the pipe and falsified measurement results. It is therefore essential to avoid temperatures falling below the dew point, especially in the case of combustion gases.


Safe and free of temperature loss

Where gaseous media have to be transported without temperature loss from the sampling point to the analysing instrument (e.g. at the chimney, connection to a heated sampling probe) our analytic heated hoses are used. On the one hand, they are required by the authorities to monitor emissions; on the other hand, they are increasingly used in process analysis, e.g. to monitor and control combustion processes. Further examples of application for our analytic heated hoses are:

  • Coal, oil and gas firing systems
  • Exhaust air monitoring in power plants
  • Waste incineration plants
  • Process gases in refineries, petrochemical and chemical industry
  • Ambient air monitoring
  • Engine exhaust gas measurements on test facilities
  • Frost protection in water analysis
  • Research and development

Function and structure of an analytic heated hose

A heated hose always consists of an inner core, a temperature sensor, a heating conductor, insulation, an outer jacket and an end cap. Our focus is on individuality. According to specific customer requirements, each heated hose is designed and produced to meet your specific needs. In most cases, they are permanently mounted in systems or in the form of mobile systems. In the case of analytic heated hoses, a distinction is made between two functional principles:

  • regulated analytic heated hose (temperature range 5-250°C)
  • self-limiting analytic heated hose (temperature range 5-120°C)

Regulated analytic heated hose

Regulated analytic heated hoses are constructed with robust resistance heating cables. In this case, a serial resistance heating cable of our own manufacture is wound in a bifilar way around the hose to be heated. A sensor mounted between the heating conductor and the hose, in conjunction with a controller, regulates the temperature of the heating.

  • Almost any voltage can be realised
  • Holding temperature up to 450°C
  • Homogeneous heat distribution
  • As in the standard version, with distance piece to protect the heating element in the case of bending stresses
  • As a special version suitable for drag chains
  • Counter-wound heating element

Self-regulating analytic heated hose

The self-regulating analytic heated hoses work according to the same principle as our self-regulating heating cables. They control the heat output independently and emit exactly the heat output that is required at a given point and time. Due to this process, the heat is regulated and overheating of the heating hose will be prevented.

  • Heated hoses can be shortened on site
  • Can be operated in a non-regulated manner
  • Overheating of the hoses is not possible
  • Can adapt to the ambient conditions


In most cases, our analytic heated hoses are installed on a permanent basis. However, they can also be used in mobile applications, e.g. for mobile measuring instruments or in mobile applications, e.g. on mobile probes used in the steel or cement industry.

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