Control and Monitoring

Intelligent temperature control solutions play a critical role in today’s electrical heat tracing applications and contribute to ever rising standards in safety, reliability, precision and energy efficiency. The temperature range is from - 60 to + 999° C.

Our electronic temperature controllers also comply with latest Ex-protection directives for their use in hazardous areas that are typical in power plants, oil & gas plants, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants, the plastics industry or wastewater treatment plants.

The newest electronic temperature controllers adapt to the ambient temperature and react proportionally to it, rather than just switching on and off. The eltherm range includes

  • thermostats and temperature sensors, ice- and snow detectors

  • electronic proportional controllers and controllers with limiter, modbus and alarm functions

  • power and control panels for hazardous (ex) and safe areas

  • integrated control networks such as the TraceVision® system

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  • energy saving

  • safe operation

  • reduced maintenance effort

  • prevention of down-times

  • intelligent, proportional adaptation to ambient temperatures

  • efficiency and energy saving (up to 75%)

  • temperature stability

  • approved for use in hazardous (Ex) areas




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We develop complete solutions for processes in production, storage, handling, and transport. Our engineers are committed to understanding your exact technical requirements.  Their pride is to develop the best possible heat tracing solution. 


Measuring systems are aimed at determining physical quantities with the help of various devices. It provides data for assessing the properties of technical devices and equipment.

A distinction can be made between direct and indirect measuring methods, as well as between analog and digital measuring methods. The direct measuring method is a comparative method, whereas with the indirect method the desired measuring value of a variable is determined on the basis of a different physical variable. With the analog measuring method, the incoming variable is converted by the method into a corresponding value which is proportional to the incoming variable. Digital means that a measured variable is converted into a digital value and displayed as such.

Control systems are aimed at strategically influencing certain variables in technical systems. These variables are either to be kept as constant as possible under the influence of disturbances or to be influenced in such a way that they follow a specified change over time. Control means measuring the variable to be influenced in the system controlled and continuously comparing it with the desired value. Depending on the deviation, the controller determines a regulating variable which acts on the controlled variable in such a way that it minimizes the deviation and the controlled variable assumes a desired time response despite the presence of disturbance variables. Generally speaking, control systems work according to a setpoint mechanism.

An electronic temperature controller uses a temperature sensor to measure the current temperature and attempts to produce the specified target temperature. It therefore compares the current temperature to the target temperature. The temperature sensor reports the current temperature to the controller and the controller constantly tries to reach the target temperature (closed control circuit).

The temperature sensor makes temperatures of different media measurable and changes when temperature conditions vary. For example, it reacts to variable input values with variable shapes, resistances, current and voltage values. The sensors are needed to control certain variables or processes depending on temperature.

The eltherm portfolio consists of two types of controllers. While one temperature controller is oriented to the ambient temperature, with the other the pipeline temperature is the decisive measured variable.

The Pt100 (platinum measuring resistor) is connected to the transmitter or to the measuring device by means of a wire. There are 2-wire circuit, 3-wire circuit and 4-wire circuit for this purpose.

With the control system, there is no adjustment of setpoint and current values. It is only a matter of achieving a certain state. Disturbance variables are not taken into account, whereas the measuring system tries to compensate for these.

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