Chemistry & Petrochemistry

In a broader sense, the chemical industry includes those industries that deal exclusively or primarily with the conversion of natural raw materials and with the production of synthetic raw materials. For example, TDI is the basic product for the specialty plastic polyurethane. This is used for the most part in the automotive and furniture industries, for example in seat upholstery or interior trim. The chemical products produced include plastics, foams, adhesives, rubber, wax, cleaning agents, paints, fertilizers, etc. In the course of processing, gaseous, liquid and viscous substances, as well as pasty media, must be maintained in a liquid state or kept at a specified temperature for transport or further processing. In the chemical industry in particular, a high degree of safety is also required. 

Temperature maintenance is therefore often indispensable, but it is not only products or precursors that require appropriate temperature control: many pipelines in which service water is transported, for example, are located outdoors in plants or chemical parks. These must be protected against frost to prevent the pipes from freezing.

    • Freeze prevention of pipes, pipelines and tanks
    • Temperature maintenance
    • Prevention of temperature losses through expansion cooling
    • Pump heating
    • Heating in laboratories
    • Heating in analytical processes
    • Water Technology
    • Dosing and filling systems
    • Mixing and stirring plants
    • Silo and tank heating
    • Filter heating
    • Safety showers
    • Transport (in IBCs, tank containers and drums / barrels)

    Electrical heat tracing of a BPA-Plant in ex-areas

    When running high process temperatures in hazardous areas, it is of particular importance to use a safe and reliable heating system. eltherm demonstrated this know how by providing a heating system for a big BPA plant in Taiwan.

    Keeping Adhesives Temperature

    Temperature accuracy is particularly important for keeping adhesives at the right temperature, for example. This is used, among other things, in gluing robots in automotive production. 

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