Plant Engineering

Our expertise of electrical trace heating also applies to the field of plant engineering. Typical areas include process engineering, production engineering and mechanical engineering. In many areas of industrial plants, electrical trace heating is necessary with the most diverse requirements for temperature, power and mechanical strength. Our portfolio contains suitable products for every application, which can be included in new projects at the beginning, but which can also be optimally used for subsequent installations. Various components such as pipelines, tanks, valves or pumps can be heated for frost protection or temperature maintenance. Special solutions such as heated hoses and custom-made heating mats or jackets for special fittings are also part of the eltherm portfolio. The most important application of electrical trace heating is the temperature-loss-free transport of highly viscous media, since many are only flowable or pumpable at a certain temperature. Thus, the trace heating solutions ensure safe processes and consistent processing quality.

Application examples in plant engineering:

  • Plant engineering
  • Dosing plants
  • Bottling and dispensing plants
  • Extruders
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