Dosing systems

Transport and temperature maintenance of highly viscous media

The dosing and mixing of highly viscous media requires careful precautions. Since the medium is only capable of flowing at a certain temperature and achieves its specific processing properties in a certain temperature range, electrical heat tracing is urgently required to ensure that the medium can be processed. In all cases where the medium to be heated needs to be transported flexibly due to the system conditions, a heated hose is the optimal solution. Heated pressure hoses are used for heating, constant temperatures and heat-loss-free transport of media such as: Oil, grease, wax, resin, tar, paint, water, glue, plastic, casting compounds and food, thus forming the optimum supplement to a dosing system.

Further areas of application

Electrical heat tracing system as heated pressure hose

Regulated pressure hoses are used in all applications where media have to be transported flexibly without heat loss. They are mainly installed on robots and machine parts.

  • hot-melt gluing systems, packaging, adhesive and labelling machines
  • Surface technology/dosing and paint spraying systems
  • Food industry, filling plants
  • Foaming systems, PU foaming, roof renovation, packaging systems
  • Epoxy resin plants
  • Washing plants, steam cleaners, pipe cleaning
  • Filling and silo hoses
  • Dosing systems
  • Heavy oil pipelines
  • Glass industry for coating and bonding thermal glass sheets
  • Adhesive robots
  • Tank truck hoses

Functionality and structure of a heated pressure hose


A heated hose always consists of an inner core, temperature sensor, heating conductor, insulation, outer jacket and end cap. Our focus is on individuality. According to specific customer requirements, each heated hose is configured and produced to meet your requirements.

Functionality of a heated pressure hose with regulated heating cable

Regulated pressure hoses are constructed with robust resistance heating cables. For this purpose, a serial resistance heating cable of our own manufacture is wrapped in bifilar form around the hose to be heated. A sensor mounted between the heating cable and the hose, in conjunction with a controller, regulates the temperature of the heating.

Convincing advantages

In-house production and development at our Burbach production site.

  • Application temperature: 5 °C to 250 °C as a standard
  • Nominal widths: 4 mm to 25 mm as a standard Voltage: 12 V to 400V
  • Operating pressures: up to 500 bar
  • Heating capacities optimised for specific applications
  • Heating cables from our own production
  • Available for the automotive industry as silicone-free/ LABS-free version
  • Application-specific configuration

Products used

Heated Hose

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