Food Processing Industry

Electrical heat tracing in food industries can be used for transport, storage and processing of vegetable raw materials (palm oil, oils and fats) and foodstuffs (e.g. beverages, chocolate, molasses, sugar, glucose, etc.). The reason: many foodstuffs must be kept at a certain temperature level. Therefore, heating of the components is important in this industry.

Processing &Temperature loss-free transport

Many media are only flowable or pumpable at a certain temperature, or they only achieve their specific processing properties in a certain temperature range. This means that they must not become either too cold or too hot. Such media can be, for example, chocolate, icing or caramel in liquid form, but also various fats. To meet these challenges, fixed or flexible heating hoses are used, as are heating jackets for transport, since these are removable.


Even when it comes to storing various media, some are only flowable and/or pumpable at certain temperatures. Heating is even more crucial if a medium is difficult to re-melt once it has hardened or even loses quality as a result. Temperature maintenance and frost protection are thus essential components for a safe process. In the case of storage, there is the additional aspect that condensation and moisture must be avoided. For this purpose, the tanks, IBCs or silos, but also pipelines are heated.

Solutions for Sugar Silos

Condensation can severely impair the quality of sugar. To keep the sugar free-flowing, heating of the silo is essential to keep the temperature constant.

Chocolate Production

Chocolate is one of the most temperature-sensitive foods of all. During production, processing and transport, it must be kept liquid in a temperature range between 40 °C and 45 °C.

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