A pipe heat tracing system protects ...

... pipes from freezing.

Pipe heat tracing systems from eltherm are used where industrial pipe insulation alone cannot prevent water from freezing. They provide frost protection as well as temperature maintenance and prevent liquids from freezing or pipes from bursting. A pipe heat tracing system consists of an electrical heating tape that is attached to the pipes. It is powered by electricity and by converting electricity: the desired heat is generated. Through the conversion of electricity into thermal energy (heat), hot water pipes, for example, are kept at temperature or liquids are protected from frost.

As a result, long downtimes, expensive damages, hazardous situations for people and environmental damage are avoided.

The different types of electrical pipe heat tracing

Reliable – powerful – efficient

Applications of pipe heat tracing

The use of a pipe heat tracing system can prevent pipes, pumps and valves from freezing or even bursting at low temperatures. Mainly, eltherm pipe heat tracing systems are used in industrial facilities:

  • Water and sanitary pipelines
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Food industry

Installation of the pipe heat tracing system

Basically, the installation of the pipe heat tracing depends on its constructional design. In most cases, however, it is wound around the pipe from the outside or, alternatively, laid vertically along the pipe. It is important to ensure that the pipe heat tracing system is only installed after all other works have been completed. Only professionally trained personnel can guarantee proper installation and consequently ensure that the heat is optimally distributed along the pipe.

Used products

Self-regulating heat cables

Heat tape and heating cable

Hazardous Areas

Mineral-Insulated Trace Heaters

End of line lamp Ex-It-L & Ex-It-S

Variable Support Bracket EL-VSB

Junction Box, Round Ex-It-R

Fast Connector El-Clic

Temperature Controller Ex-TC


An electrical heat tracing system is used wherever heat loss or snow and ice must be prevented.

In general, a pipe or tank heated with electrical heat tracing should be insulated for reasons of cost-effectiveness. All common insulation materials can be used as insulations. The most commonly used insulations are mineral wool or PU foam - the choice of insulation depends on the temperature and operating conditions.

It is not allowed to mount a heating cable without insulation directly onto the pipe.

In general, there are no problems with heating plastic pipes. However, to improve heat conduction, the use of special aluminum strips is additionally recommended.


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