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Electrical Trace Heating for Your Processes

eltherm - Your global provider of reliable and efficient electrical Heat Tracing solutions.

Electrical Heat Tracing is our business and our expertise. We are inspired by eHT.

We provide our customers and partners with integrated eHT solutions. We understand your requirements and we are specialists in electrical Heat Tracing solutions and provide globally reliable systems and solutions: We are inspired by eHT. Furthermore, we realise projects in large-scale plant construction worldwide, e.g. in the field of renewable energies. 
We pride ourselves as a global brand, the eltherm family and team of around 270 employees and channel our energy continuously improving your experience.
In all we do, we are professional, responsible, trustworthy and accountable.
Our relationship with customers, colleagues and partners is characterized by respect and integrity.

This is our task and a promise.

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eltherm is part of the publicly listed INDUS Holding AG since 2013.

Daniel Eichert

CEO / Managing Director Finances, Sales, Marketing, IT, Controlling, HR

Michael Thomas

Managing Director Production, Procurement, R&D

From then to now

the COMPANY history in a nutshell

Entry area of the first eltherm building 1991.

18th July 1991

eltherm Elektrowärmetechnik GmbH founded

Industry building of eltherm 1996.


Relocation to Burbach’s Industrial Park

Production machines 1999.


Production of PTFE-insulated Trace Heaters begins

Manufacture of the first self-regulating heating cables 2006.


Production of Self-Regulating TraceHeaters begins in 15.000 m² plant

A part of the eltherm team.


eltherm Asia-Pacific & eltherm UK founded

Precision laser


Assembly of Mineral-Insulated Trace Heaters with Clean Laser Seal Technology begins

A part of the eltherm Shanghai team.


eltherm Canada & eltherm Shanghai founded

Logo of the INDUS Holding AG.


INDUS Holding AG buys out eltherm

A part of the eltherm team.


eltherm Russia, eltherm South Africa & North Africa founded

A part of the eltherm team in Spain.


eltherm Spain founded

25 years eltherm.


25 Year Anniversay. eltherm Italy founded

Inauguration of the new headquarter in Germany.


Inauguration of new headquarters and production facilities


MI Trace Heater production facilities built up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. eltherm Chile & eltherm Kazakhstan founded


Celebrate 30 years eltherm with us

Foundation eltherm India


eltherm India founded

Aerial picture of the production halls of eltherm.

Administration, Applied Engineering

Sales & Academy

Production facility II

Production facility I

  1. Administration, Applied Engineering
  2. Sales & Academy
  3. Production facility II
  4. Production facility I

SpeakUp Guide

Sustainable commerce provides the basis for positive future prospects for the environment, society and the economy, as well as each individual employee or business partner of INDUS (the group parent company).

The cornerstones of the culture of INDUS are the distribution of the key requirements and their independent implementation and management in the subsidiary companies, as well as a shared understanding of values and the minimisation of risks for a sustainable corporate development.

The “SpeakUp” reporting system creates additional trust and security on the basis of a clearly defined structure for the reporting and the escalation process which is accessible to everyone, thereby ensuring the sustainable success of the group and averting damage.

You can find more privacy information here: whistleblowers and parties involved.

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SpeakUp FAQ

SpeakUp Guide

Code of Conduct

All our activities are carried out in compliance with our Code of Conduct, which has to be followed by all employees.

We are aware of our role as a responsible member of society and of our responsibility towards customers, business partners, shareholders, and employees. The company, therefore, commits itself to following fixed principles. This code of conduct forms the basis for all of our business and social activities.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

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