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At eltherm, our sustainability goals translate into a wide range of measures, namely in the area of customer service & supply chains, environment, people as well as social commitment. All of these create competitive advantages, increase the value of the company and, at the same time, strengthen our corporate culture. Based on this firm conviction, we have set the course for a sustainable business approach, while at the same time keeping social and ecological goals firmly in mind. Our responsible and careful management of both resources and the environment is just as much a part of this as sustainable practice is.

We attach great importance to a culture of appreciation and a responsible approach to the environment and our employees.  
We have close ties to the region and are used to thinking and acting across generations.

This is why eltherm is placing a greater strategic focus on this issue.

Our production

Both energy and cost-efficient

A company achieves real added value by developing and optimizing its processes in such a way that products can be manufactured even more economically and, thus, process reliability can be increased. Ideally, this is accompanied by a reduction in emissions as well as in material and energy consumption. In this sense, up to 30% of energy can already be saved with eltherm's products. Compared to conventional switch point heaters, e.g., the EL-Point achieves a 30% higher temperature difference with 10% less consumption. It is insulated with a cover profile and mounted on the outside of the stock rail on the rail web. The rail web serves as a radiator to keep the space between the stock rail and the switch rail free of snow and ice. This saves energy costs. The flat heating rod, on the other hand, lies on the rail foot inside the stock rail. Due to the uncontrolled heat radiation, it requires a much higher energy output to achieve the same effect. The metre power of both solutions is identical and is determined by the operator's specifications. The energy saving effect is achieved in combination with a meaningful control of the heating system. This regulation considers the temperature of the rail and the faster heating of the rail. This results in the eltherm system being able to switch off much more precisely and earlier than the flat heating rod can. In addition, the energy saved translates into lower operating costs. The optimized heat transfer to the rail and the thermally insulating cover save energy costs. The simple mounting on the outside of the rail reduces the installation effort. Furthermore, the space-saving storage of spare parts and the easy transport on a cable drum are simplified. Switching to the eltherm system solution offers clear advantages over the flat heating element from a technical as well as an economic point of view.

Our applications

For us, sustainability means creating optimum solutions for our customers

The variety of electrical trace heating systems is gigantic. People often think in terms of traditional applications such as heating a water pipe, gutter heating, solutions for sugar silos or general heating of pipelines, pumps and valves. However, electric heat tracing is far more flexible and can even be used in the area of renewable energies. It keeps processes running.

  • Gas-fired power plants
  • LNG projects
  • Wind power plants
  • Solar power plants

Our Code of Conduct

Sustainable practice is a clear strategic guideline at INDUS Holding AG

At INDUS, each of our portfolio companies pursues their own strategy. What unites them, however, is their commitment to shared values which is also reflected in the shared code of conduct.

The INDUS Code of Conduct addresses all fields of action associated with the sustainability strategy and, as a voluntary commitment, goes way beyond existing legal requirements.

eltherm is well aware of its role as a responsibly acting member of society and thus of its responsibility towards customers, business partners, and their employees. We are committed to this responsibility and, as a result, commit ourselves to principles of conduct that are stringently derived from this awareness. Consequently, we adhere to principles of conduct that are stringently derived from this awareness. These principles provide the framework for our entrepreneurial spirit as well as for our social activities. All actions taken by the management of our company and our employees are governed by the principles of personal responsibility, honesty, loyalty and respect for fellow human beings and the environment. To ensure compliance with these principles, the management bears a special responsibility. Together with our employees, the management strives for entrepreneurial success. In accordance with our medium-sized principles, we want to generate a return from our economic activities that is sustainable and in line with our entrepreneurial capabilities. We are committed to cultivating the strengths and competitive advantages we have built up over the years and to measuring our quality and performance standards against the best possible at all times.

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