Sustainability – an issue that affects us all

Sustainable conduct generates competitive advantages, increases corporate value and strengthens corporate culture. For us at eltherm, sustainable conduct means giving equal priority to economic, social and ecological goals in the long term: We aim to create lasting value while providing good work and, at the same time, acting responsibly regarding the environment.

Our value chain – sustainable in every respect

Our products and system solutions have been precisely designed, accurately calibrated and are energy-efficient. We rely on efficient, resource-saving manufacturing technologies and the intelligent recycling of production waste enables us to achieve the sustainability goals which we have set ourselves. Our production is based on green electricity and a significant proportion of our electricity requirements is generated by our own photovoltaic system. In addition, the continuous reduction of emissions is achieved by relying on an electrified vehicle fleet and heat pumps to air-condition our offices at the Burbach site. We are continuously adapting our production processes in line with the principles of efficiency and are increasingly utilizing re-usable or recyclable packaging.

eltherm goes green – our applications for renewable energies

For years already, we have been focusing on renewable energy applications. In this sense, we have been equipping CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) plants and thus contribute to the green electrification of the world.  Moreover, our products and systems constitute a decisive contribution to the storage of thermal energy. When it comes to green hydrogen (where the electrical power generated from solar energy is stored in hydrogen as an energy carrier), eltherm is on board with system solutions. The many years of experience we have gained in the field of liquid gas/LNG storage can easily be transferred to the transport and storage of hydrogen. We support the exact exhaust gas analysis of large-scale plants or merchant ships by means of our customized heating hoses. In addition, our heating hoses are used on the rotor blades of wind turbines to prevent the ice from forming on the blades. Moreover, we are increasingly using halogen-free heating cables and are also looking into the replacement of PFAS substances by means of suitable substitutes.

The employee in the focus

We treat our employees fairly and assist them in their professional development through targeted professional development measures. Our in-house training center, the eltherm Academy, is available to all employees as well as customers and offers challenging training courses held by eltherm specialists. Ergonomically designed workplaces, flexible working time models including mobile working, e-bike leasing and fitness pass offers are just as much part of our corporate culture as a mutually respectful interaction with one another. We offer vocational training programs and finance advanced academic courses of study – this is how we ensure the continuous development of future top performers.

Regional accountability

The attachment to our region is of particular concern to us. We consciously work with local suppliers and service providers to strengthen the regional economy and ensure short delivery routes. Through this tight network, we aim to support sustainable regional development and to exert a positive impact on the local community. That said, our responsibility goes well beyond more ecological aspects. As a company firmly rooted in the region, we are also committed to social issues. In this sense, we support local educational projects and social initiatives to promote the well-being of our community. This is because for us, sustainability means not only protecting the ecological balance, but also the well-being of the people in the region. One of our most important heartfelt projects is the reforestation of former forested areas in Burbach. We are highly aware of the importance forests have for the ecological balance, climate protection and the preservation of biodiversity. With this project, we would like to actively contribute to protecting and regenerating the forest as a valuable ecosystem. By planting trees, we not only contribute to CO<s>2</s> compensation, but also create a biosphere for many animal species and improve the air quality. This is why we have taken on the sponsorship of the e-Forest.

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Our Code of Conduct – Sustainable action is a clear strategic guideline of INDUS Holding AG.

At INDUS, all our portfolio companies go their own way. What unites us, however, is a common understanding of values. This is also reflected in our corporate code of conduct. The INDUS Code of Conduct covers all fields of action relating to the sustainability strategy and, as a voluntary commitment, goes well beyond existing legal requirements. eltherm is aware of its role as a responsibly acting member of society and thus of its responsibility towards customers, business partners and employees. We are committed to assuming this responsibility. Therefore, we commit ourselves to a set of principles of conduct that are stringently derived from this awareness. These principles form the framework for all our business and social activities. All actions taken by the management of our company and our employees are governed by the principles of personal responsibility, honesty, loyalty and respect for fellow citizens and the environment. To ensure compliance with these principles, the management bears a special responsibility. Together with the employees, the management strives for entrepreneurial success. In accordance with our entrepreneurial principles as a medium-sized company, we want to generate a return from our economic activities that is sustainable and in line with our entrepreneurial abilities. We aim to cultivate the strengths and competitive advantages we have built up over the years and to always measure our quality and performance standards against all best possible options.

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