Whether on rails, roads or the high seas: We keep your products at the right temperature and ensure smooth operations.

Operators of rail networks in public and private passenger and freight transport rely on trouble-free operation - even in winter with ice and snow. Punctuality and safety requirements demand that rails and switches remain free of ice and snow. Flexible trace heating systems from eltherm offer network operators technical, economic and logistical advantages over conventional flat heating rods.

Likewise, electrical heat tracing for tank containers represents a technically mature and safe alternative to heating with glycol or steam. The eltherm portfolio combines high-quality systems and accessories for electrical trace heating with special solutions developed individually for our customers. Fleet operators worldwide benefit from the engineering and application know-how of our engineers. Coupled with the global organization, this creates the conditions for smooth operation.

Tank Container Heating Systems

Electrical heat tracing made by eltherm is employed to maintain exact temperatures when transporting temperature-sensitive chemicals in tank containers.

Railway Heating Systems

Freeze prevention is essential for smooth, safe railway traffic, wherever winters are cold. If switch points can be set and the tracks are kept free from ice and snow, trains remain on track and on time. A reliable, energy efficient electrical trace heating system with intelligent monitoring control achieves just that.

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