Freeze Prevention

Freeze protection ensures trouble-free transmission operations with parabolic and directional antenna. Reliable function and low maintenance are your benefits. Find out more.

Give ice and snow no chance on your antenna 
Snow and ice on the antenna surface can interfere with transmission performance and create problems especially in remote locations. Electrical heat tracing with high-tech heating mats is a proven and reliable, cost-effective means of preventing this.

Antenna manufacturers and network operators testify to years and years of reliable freeze prevention with eltherm heating mats. This application report shows how and why. Heating mats with integrated heat insulation and teflon-insulated heating elements are attached to the antenna surface by means of primed adhesive plains. The finished mats are then fitted directly onto the reverse side of the reflector, ensuring good heat dis-tribution. The special built-up of the heating mats is adapted to every antenna type and design, all diameters and sizes, including special solutions for terminal stations.  

Technical Advantages:

  • Effective and full-surface heat transmission
  • No warping of the antenna when heating is on  
  • Constant self-stabilising heat performance
  • No overheating in direct sunlight
  • Integrated insulation, reduced heat loss  
  • Energy efficiency
  • No aging and performance loss

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