Frost protection of pool crowns in a wastewater treatment plant

The functioning of a wastewater treatment plant must be ensured throughout the year. The continuous use of wheel-driven clearing devices is particularly at risk in the cold season.

Snow and icing can block or cause the wheels to spin, which means that the scraper bridges can no longer perform their tasks and the system comes to a standstill.

Unlike snow sweepers, which are usually associated with high machine and mechanical effort and frequent maintenance, heating via eltherm heating cables/heating tapes enables a practical and economical alternative to keep the pool crowns free of snow and ice even in extreme weather conditions.

eltherm ELSR-Ramp consists of two nickel-plated supply conductors, which are extruded in a special plastic matrix. This matrix is provided with an additional insulating shell. The protective conductor made of tinned copper braiding is pressed with the TPE outer jacket – which makes this heating conductor very robust.

The installation of the heating can be done in a variety of ways, depending on whether it is a new system or a renovation. ELSR-Ramp is suitable for laying in concrete as well as in gravel bed under paved surfaces.

Frost protection as an important requirement

The round scrapers are driven by running motors on the scraper. In order to keep the pool crowns free of snow and ice in winter, it is heated.

Apart from the use in sewage treatment plants, ELSR-Ramp is ideal for heating concrete ramps, car park entrances and exits, driveways, stairs, footpaths and helipads.

  • High operational reliability

  • long service life

  • easy installation

  • safety due to self-limiting property at 80°C

Products used

Self-regulating heat cables

Heat tape and heating cable



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