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Qualified heating jackets for the cleanroom

Especially in the chemical, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries, clean rooms are needed that have to meet strict requirements regarding the quantities of airborne particles, outgassing of system components, etc. To ensure the degree of purity of the air in such cleanrooms, the standard classes ISO1 to ISO9 have been developed. Operators of laboratories and cleanrooms follow these guidelines.

Based on these guidelines, eltherm developed the innovative heating jackets ELPH-Cleanroom which meet the strict and demanding criteria. In order to comply with the regulations of the chemical, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries, our heating jackets have been tested by the Fraunhofer Institute in accordance with the VDI 2083-9 and ISO 14644-1 guidelines and in order to proof their suitability for cleanroom applications. In addition, the outgassing behaviour was determined in accordance with VDI 2083-17 for the contaminant families VOC, amines, organophosphates, siloxanes and phthalate.

After successful testing, the ELPH-Cleanroom - ID 100 mm sleeve was certified to air purity class ISO1 and the ID 40 mm to air purity class ISO2.

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