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Freeze protection for portable water pipes.

eltherm is expanding its existing product range with drinking water approval to include a particularly robust heating cable that can withstand increased mechanical demands.

The new ELSR-M-BAF is suitable for quick and easy installation inside drinking water pipes and guarantees reliable frost protection for drinking water hoses and pipes laid outdoors. It fits to the strict requirements of the Federal Environment Agency of the Federal Republic of Germany in accordance with the KTW-BWGL for the application areas "pipes", "equipment for pipes" <80mm ID in the cold water temperature range (23 °C) as well as the requirements of the DVGW W270 worksheet and has been tested for internal heating of drinking water pipes and flexible hose lines.

Typical applications include the water supply for sanitary facilities on construction sites/at construction containers as well as for Christmas markets, open-air events, public festivals in winter, outdoor drink trailers or outdoor toilet trailers, water connections to and around unheated stables/buildings, carnivals, circuses or winter sports facilities.

The ELSR-M-BAF is available by meter in the following power levels:
10W / ELSR-M-10-2-BAF / Article-No.: B0225180
15W / ELSR-M-15-2-BAF / Article-No.: B0225190

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Technical benefits:

  • robust & flexible – additional mechanical protection thanks to internal wire mesh
  • DVGW tested (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water is a recognized regulator for the gas and water industry)
  • KTW approval
  • for use in liquids
  • small dimensions possible
  • extensive range of accessories, also suitable for drinking water

Find out more about the accessories:  Accessories

Without drinking water, social life would come to a standstill – it is therefore subject to the highest quality requirements.

Drinking water quality and drinking water supply are controlled by a complex set of regulations at national and EU level. Products that come into contact with drinking water must comply with a number of regulations and undergo corresponding test procedures in order to receive certification. The guidelines are constantly being revised and gradually incorporated into the Drinking Water Ordinance as the legal basis for assessment.

If you want to lay drinking water pipes above ground in regions at risk of frost, there is no way around heating the pipes. Conventional heating using an external heating cable on the pipe with additional external insulation is usually not economical for temporary drinking water pipes. As a solution, eltherm offers heating cables for installation inside the drinking water pipes. Drinking water approval is crucial for their use. The term KTW approval is often used synonymously with the term drinking water approval, whereby KTW stands for "plastic drinking water", a guideline for the requirements that a drinking water hose or pipe must fulfill in order to be approved as such.

In addition to the internal heating cables, which are installed in the drinking water pipes by the customer, eltherm also offers pre-assembled heated hoses as a system solution for drinking water applications. You can also obtain products and solutions from eltherm for heating building and waste water pipes as well as for general frost protection for drains, gutters and downpipes.

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