Nozzle block heating for the distribution of liquid asphalts

needs a high level of requirements

Heating of the nozzle block is essential for spraying liquid asphalts onto fabric surfaces. The liquid aggregate state of the medium as well as its temperature must not change during start-up in the nozzle block. Therefore, the empty pipes through which the asphalts are fed must first be heated to operating temperature.

Furthermore, the heating serves to keep this operating temperature constant during the entire production process and when the ambient temperature changes. At the end of each production cycle, the pipes are emptied so that only the empty pipes need to be heated to operating temperature before the next cycle.

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Due to its reliability, easy installation, and flexibility when changing the geometry of the component to be heated, our customer chose an electric trace heating system. In this case, a maximum power of approx. 1.2 KW could be installed while complying with the ATEX and IECEX directives and taking into account the geometry of the pipeline with the different pipe diameters. This was done via 3 heating loops, divided into 2 heating circuits, including a series connection in the Ex terminal box.

The optimum design of the heating system, the installation of the materials offered (mineral-insulated heating cables, temperature sensors, etc.) their connections to the various Ex terminal boxes and Ex controllers/limiters as well as the performance of a factory acceptance test were carried out by the engineers and fitters of eltherm GmbH. The heating with eltherm heating cables / heating tapes is a safe and cost-effective alternative to keep the medium liquid, which is approved according to ATEX and IECEX standards.

Eltherm mineral insulated heating cables ELK-MI have been developed for applications requiring particularly high temperatures. They can tolerate up to 1000°C, have a high power density and are approved for use in hazardous (Ex) areas.

  • Highest resistance to chemicals
  • Pre-assembly with high-precision laser technology
  • Material uniformity / purity: No other materials used
  • Flexible single- or dual-core designs
  • Resistant to moisture, can be applied on liquids

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Mineral-Insulated Trace Heaters

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