Mass transit systems provide electrical power to a train or railway locomotive via a conductor rail, sometimes referred to as a third rail or contact rail. Ice and snow accumulation on any section of this critical part of the transit system can potentially cause damage to the system and lead to disruption in service.
eltherm‘s El-Track contact rail heating system has been designed and developed specifically for North America‘s transit track infrastructure and is optimized to provide maximum efficiency on either steel/ aluminum composite rail systems, traditional steel rail assemblies or aluminum contact rail structures.
El-Track‘s constant wattage trace heater technology provides a flexible, reliable and rugged solution allowing for on-site termination and connectivity. The flexible design and mounting hardware adapts easily to any rail and track profile, minimizing gaps and ensuring the best possible direct heat transfer to the rail.

Technical Benefits

  • Maximum heat transfer directly to the top of the power rail
  • Efficient, energy saving thanks to thermal insulation
  • Efficient, energy-saving design using proprietary thermal insulating cover profiles
  • Moisture proof
  • Low maintenance requirement