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The launch of the eltherm Ex-TC:
Temperature Controller with Alarm,
Modbus and Limiter Function in Hazardous Areas

The eltherm electronic temperature controller Ex-TC has a wide control range of
0 °C up to + 450 °C and an ambient temperature range of - 40 °C up to + 50 °C.
It has been developed for use in hazardous areas. Typical applications are frost protection and temperature maintenance. For different applications we offer different versions for wall mounting or for mounting on pipelines. You can choose between a temperature controller with alarm relay, with RS 485 interface  with Modbus protocol or a temperature controller and limiter combination with alarm relay. The device can switch high rated currents and its round shape ensures optimum mechanical safety. The quick closing lid with snap lock is easy to use.
All versions are suitable for our self-regulating heating cables (ELSR), as well as resistance heating cables (ELK, ELP).


  •  Ex-TC/ A: Temperature Controller with Alarm Function
  •  Ex-TC/M: Temperature Controller with Modbus
  •  Ex-TC/AL: Temperature Controller and Limiter with Alarm Function


  • Three functional options
  • No static charge
  • Rapid closing of cover through snap fit, easy to use
  • Optimum mechanical safety through round shape
  • Modular design, compatible with Ex-it-R Junction Box and pipe mounting stand
  • Easy setting and operation

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