Made in Germany

With us, this is not an empty promise, but the core of our DNA.

As a medium-sized company with headquarters and production facilities in the heart of Germany, one thing is at the top of our list: The quality of our products and solutions. For the satisfaction of our customers.

For over 30 years, eltherm has been developing and producing at its headquarters in the Siegerland region. Our innovative and high-quality heat tracing solutions are used worldwide and are valued for their longevity and reliability. Production takes place in our modern machinery and equipment park and is continuously monitored by means of an integrated quality assurance system. Our research and development department ensures at all times that we are at the forefront of technology and has access to the most excellently equipped development and inspection laboratories. We are constantly in touch with our customers and derive new product and application ideas from a wide range of applications. Our application engineers create and design tailor-made solutions that are realized by means of our standardized products. Having started out as an engineering office with an associated production facility decades ago, eltherm has now progressed to become the leading manufacturer of heat tracing solutions, while at the same time maintaining an absolute focus on the customer and unconditional quality as the guiding principles of our actions. Always close to the customer: Based in Germany, we are now represented worldwide with our own subsidiaries and are there for you!

Made in Germany = 100% eltherm

The statement "Made in Germany" stands for quality, precision and reliability. eltherm is proud to embody these values in every aspect of production. We continually invest in research and development to provide innovative solutions and meet the ever-changing demands of the industry.

From Burbach to the world

As a globally active producer, we operate on five continents. Our headquarters are located in Burbach – between Cologne and Frankfurt on Main. From here, we supply markets all over the world. Besides supplying products, we also provide heat tracing solutions in line with individual customer requirements, supervise installation and commissioning processes, and provide support in maintenance and servicing.

Founded as a start-up

Founded in 1991 as a small company in Burbach, North Rhine-Westphalia, the eltherm Group has developed into a globally active engineering company with affiliated production facilities and a comprehensive product range "Made in Germany". For several decades, we have been developing and producing in accordance with the most important industrial standards and in compliance with international approvals and certifications. From A-Z – everything from a single source!

State-of-the-art production systems

Since eltherm manufactures its products in Germany, close control of the entire manufacturing process is guaranteed. We only use high quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to ensure that our heat tracing systems meet customer requirements in terms of efficiency, performance and longevity. We have built a very strong reputation for quality and reliability and are trusted partners when it comes to heat tracing solutions.

Immediate availability

We know that time is of critical importance – that's why we maintain an extensive inventory. Stocking goes way beyond simply responding to demand. By proactively sourcing raw materials and components needed to manufacture products, we can ensure that we maintain steady product availability even in times of supply shortages or market fluctuations. This enables us to reliably meet our customers' obligations.

Research & Development

A highly specialised development and inspection laboratory serves as a key instrument for the development of electrically conductive plastics for use as self-regulating heating elements. In addition, we are the only heating cable producer in Germany that can specifically convert high-temperature-stable and chemical-resistant fluoropolymers into electrically conductive heating elements. By using particularly gentle and effective compounding processes, conductive carbon particles are mixed with the fluoropolymer melt, which is very sensitive to shear forces, to form a homogeneous compound, which is then shaped into self-regulating heating cables in the subsequent cable extrusion process.

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