Heating Mats and Heating Jackets

eltherm is a world leader for heating hoses, heating tapes and flexible, heated transport systems and hoses. Another field where eltherm is setting the pace, is with flexible heating mats and jackets for industrial applications. They provide optimum heat transfer. Heating mats are the ideal solution for simple level surfaces. They can also be manufactured separately from the insulation.

Heating jackets are used when uniform heating of surfaces with more than two levels is required. They are custom-built to match almost any shape and remain easy to handle thanks to special heating elements. Heating jackets with integrated heat insulation are easy to apply and remove, which considerably reduces installation and maintenance effort. Silicone heating mats are used when highly complex structures must be heated with to a specific temperature. They are produced in almost any shape and size and pasted directly in position and fastened by clamping eyelets.


  • Removable and replaceable
  • Easy to mount, minimum installation time
  • Adapted according to the container, pipe, valve or pump (custom-made)
  • Operating temperatures from 0°C to 900 °C
  • Available complete with insulation
  • Integrated temperature sensor

A heating mat.

Heating Mats and Jackets

Heating mats and jackets consist of textile materials which cling closely to the object being heated. To ensure a long…

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