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Vocational training and qualification of young people is one of the most important social tasks of a company. At eltherm, we are pleased to accomplish this task. We aim to achieve the best possible qualification, thus creating and qualifying our next generation of employees for the future.

At eltherm, you will be part of the team from the very beginning, and you will immediately be involved in all company and work processes. As a result, you will quickly learn to perform tasks and meet challenges independently and on your own responsibility. You will be accompanied by our qualified training instructors in the various departments. We are fully committed to a respectful working environment which is a fundamental pillar of our corporate culture.


You can find detailed descriptions of the individual professions in our training flyer (PDF - German language).
The application process for 2024 has already been finished.

Your opportunities

2-week school internships

An internship at eltherm means quickly putting theoretical knowledge into practice. You will get a qualified overview and will be accompanied by our vocational apprentices in the relevant departments.

Career exploration days

We offer you the opportunity to "get a taste" of various vocational training professions. Get to know the company, exchange your experiences with our trainees and learn more about interesting occupational fields.

Vacation work

We offer you the opportunity to work with us during your semester break. You can actively work on current projects in various departments and at the same time earn your own money.

Daniel Eichert 
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Technical/Industrial Training

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Marion Mittas
Head of Human Resources
Commercial Training

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