Heated Transport Systems

eltherm is a world leader for flexible, heated pipes, heated tubular bundles and flexible transport systems. Electrical heated hoses (heated sample lines) are the ideal solution for flexible transportation of water, other liquids or gases without heat loss. They are customised depending on the required temperature, application and protection material.

Gases are channeled from the measurement point to the analysis station, e.g. in waste incineration, refineries, chemical plants, exhaust and analysis. They require condensation and freeze prevention to keep them flowable and to prevent clogging. Maintenance temperatures up to 250°C are standard. Heated sample lines (analytic hoses) ensure the transportation of liquids and gases without temperature loss. This applies to a wide range of substances, such as grease, oils, wax, resins, bitumen, varnish, water, carbon dioxide, foam plastics, casting compounds, glue and foods to keep them flowable, particularly in combination with robots and moving equipment.

Product Overview:

  • Controlled analytic heated transport systems (tubular bundles, hoses)

  • Heated pressure transport systems (tubular bundles, hoses)

  • Heated analytic transport systems and heated sample lines with integrated filer

  • Heated systems for loading and unloading.


  • Designed and manufactured for specific applications
  • Temperatures: 5°C to 450°C
  • Voltages: 12V to 500V
  • Heating cables from own production

Heated Systems for Loading and Unloading

Maintain temperatures and enable loading/unloading of oil, fat, resins, paint, bitumen, adhesives, compounds and foods…

Heated Analytic Systems

Controlled analytic heated hoses serve to transport gaseous media from the point of withdrawal to an analytic measuring…

Heated Pressure Systems

Heated pressure hoses serve to heat media, maintain a constant temperature and transport media such as the following…

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