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"eWald" is a matter of heart

Why we care about trees:

Forests are huge air-conditioning systems and true treasure troves for the world. Because trees are such all-rounders, their contribution to nature and climate protection is invaluable.

For this reason – and because we are aware of the importance of sustainability – and that the forest can continue to fulfill its climate-protecting role in the future, it's a special matter of heart for eltherm to manage a piece of forest in Burbach as a sponsorship. To ensure that the destroyed areas in Burbach get reforested, eltherm has provided the funds to replant 1 hectare of forest. Because sustainability is an issue that affects us all!

The first trees were planted by our managing directors, Mr. Daniel Eichert and Mr. Michael Thomas, and the responsible forester, Mr. Hoffmann, at the end of April in the presence of Mayor Mr. Ewers.

To contribute something for the regional climate protection is our goal with the project "eWald".

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