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To be able to confirm to third parties the high quality we demand of our trace heating systems, thereby ensuring safety, we have subjected ourselves to a number of national and international tests and certification procedures. We have been certified to quality management system DIN ISO 9001 for years, which means we are able to ensure that our customers are offered checked materials, a seamless manufacturing process and top quality products. Our products for use in potentially explosive atmospheres are checked and approved in accordance with Directive 94/9/EC. Apart from Nepsi, ABS and EAC certification and VDE guidelines, for instance, we also meet the strict requirements of the ATEX certification.

Because we operate worldwide and because our electrical heating systems are used in a very wide range of branches and areas, our products and trace heating systems are also checked and approved in accordance with many international directives and norms for an extremely wide range of areas of application. Just ask us.

Certificates / Approvals worldwide:

eltherm Approvals for Hazardous Locations:

Standardisation bodies

eltherm is a member of a number of international working parties that determine the worldwide norms for electrical trace heating:

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