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Roof, Gutter and Downpipe Heating

Every winter brings more frost damage and with it the expenses resulting from melt water as it drains and refreezes. The damage is not limited to broken gutters and downpipes: façades, roofs and roof structures can also be seriously damaged. Damage caused by melt water which cannot flow through the normal channel and escapes without control can lead to expensive renovations. Falling icicles can also damage vehicles and even cause serious injuries for passers.

The Solution: Roof and Gutter Heating

The use of roof and gutter heating with self-regulating heating tape is recommended for protecting people and buildings and preventing unnecessary expenses. Especially in public buildings such as offices and hospitals, but also on company premises, in office complexes and private buildings, they offer optimum frost protection together with maximum efficiency. They are easy to install, can be upgraded without difficulty and are practically maintenance-free. This can reduce long-term maintenance costs.

Our proven heating tapes for roofs, gutters and downpipes, for example our ELSR-N or ELSR-LS, are extremely weather-resistant and feature a long service life. Together with a matching control unit – such as the proven ELTC-05 Frostcontrol or the ISD-1 ice and snow detector – they represents an economically sensible solution for keeping roofs, gutters and downpipes, flashings and flat roof gullies free of frost. Our heating tapes are available ready made or by the metre and are produced exclusively at our factory in Germany.

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