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Internal Heated Hoses for Potable Water

Type ELH/TW-Plus

Mobile potable water supply, e. g. for emergency shelters, is susceptible to frost damage in the winter season, when tempertures drop below the freezing point. Frozen and burst pipes can cause serious problems and additional costs. This applies also for exhibitors at winter markets and fun fairs.

To ensure a safe and cost-effective water supply, even at minus temperatures, eltherm developed the internal heated hose ELH/TW-Plus for potable and domestic water. The applied system accords to German KTW and DVGW 270 guidelines as well as the VDE regulations. Even existing hose and pipe systems can be retrofitted without any problems.

Advantages of the internal heated hoses:

Internal Heated Hose for Potable Water

Type ELH/TW-Plus


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