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Vessel and Container Heating, IBC and Hobbock Heating

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Sensitive chemicals and other media that are stored and transported in a wide range of different containers are seeing increased use in industry. Container heating is used in this situation to maintain a certain temperature, reduce viscosity, prevent crystallisation or flocculation in liquids, or heat media to a certain temperature. Containers also have to be heated in the food and beverage industry, for example to process chocolate, oils or glucoses. Heating is often needed for frost protection in the cold part of the year for containers that are kept outdoors. Mineral-insulated heating cables are frequently used in applications in the high-temperature range, for example to heat certain media. There are numerous problems, and the choice of a suitable heater depends among other things on the specific application, type of medium to be heated and the design of the container.

Our engineers with decades of experience in container heating will develop the most suitable and financially sound solution for you for any heating problem. We are also leaders in tank container heating, IBC and hobbock heating and have set new standards over the years. You can use our container heating enquiry or our contact form. Our engineers will prepare just the right offer for you.

Advantages of our container heaters:

Resistance heating cables are often used to heat IBCs. Heating sleeves or heating jackets are also used. They are available either individually manufactured or as standard products, depending on the application.

There are also various options for heating drums, such as drum heaters and bottom heaters, including for Ex-areas.

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