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Clean Laser Seal Technology for Mineral-Insulated Trace Heaters

eltherms’ Clean Laser Seal technology takes Mineral Insulated (MI) Trace Heater assemblies to the next level.

Made entirely from high-quality nickel/chromium 825 Alloy, eltherm‘s revolutionary Clean Laser Seal Technology guarantees optimum reliability and performance in all industrial operations.

CLS offers today‘s best possible protection from stress corrosion cracking in applications where leachable chlorides, high sulfur content or other highly aggressive chemicals may be present.

825 is the technology of choice for high temperature maintenance process control and perfectly suited for use in freeze protection or viscosity control applications subject to periodic high temperature exposure.



Our proprietary clean laser sealing process provides a 100% stable, homogeneous system, resulting in a reliable and maintenance-free assembly.



Key Features:  

Applications in Detail:  

At a Glance


  • Chemical/petrochemical
  • Oil and gas
  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Concentrated Solar Power
  • LNG and cryogenic tanks
  • Machinery and plants
  • Power generation
  • Pipes, pipelines, vessels



  • Purity: No foreign material
  • Reliability: no after crimp
  • Full range of resistances
  • Fast assembly, low cost
  • 1 mile (1.6 km) on 1 circuit 
  • In by noon, out by 5
  • 100%  quality check
  • Safety: non-destrucive tests
  • No filler holes. 
  • MgO = ASTM E1652. 
  • FM approved


MI series resistant heater assemblies are available in the design configurations shown here:

Design B: 
Single conductor cold lead MI Heater with clean laser seal hot to cold on both ends

Design D: 
Two conductor cold lead MI Heater with clean laser seal hot to cold on one end. Clean laser seal hot to hot at opposite end

Design E: 
Two conductor cold lead MI Heater with clean laser seal hot to cold on both ends.


Diameters and Restistances:





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