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Heating Jackets for Cleanroom Applications

Inside cleanrooms, even smallest contaminations, caused by particulate material, can lead to major damage of the processed products. Therefore, the semiconductor or the pharmaceutical industry (par example) call for production rooms with a very high degree of purity. Cleanroom specifications are classified, based on different requirements, activities or production processes, in cleanroom classes ISO 1 up to ISO 9. Due to our special production techniques, our heating mats and jackets contribute to keep the concentration of
airborne particles at a very low level. They are characterized by very low particle concentration and minimum outgassing.

Our heating jackets series ELPH-cleanroom are certified by the German Fraunhofer Institut according to VDI 2083-9 and ISO 14644-1 for cleanroom applications. Their air cleanliness classes are ISO 1 (ELPH-Cleanroom - ID 100 mm) and ISO 2 (ELPH-Cleanroom - ID 40 mm). The specific emission rate has been analized for VOC, amines, organophosphates, siloxanes and phtalates according to VDI 2083-17.

Fraunhofer tested device
Fraunhofer tested device

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