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Engineering and desing of heat tracing systems with Intergraph- Software-Tools

Isometrics of pipelines, R&I diagrams, trace heating and insulation specifications must be recorded and evaluated for the technical design of a trace heating system. Recording isometrics manually is very time-intensive. If revisions are made to the pipeline planning over the course of a project, heaters that have already been planned have to be redesigned. (The number of isometrics in major projects is on the order of about 4000 individual isometrics).

Trace heating planning with Intergraph's SmartPlantIsometrics and PICODA at eltherm

Together with Intergraph we make the necessary modifications and expansions to the standard software to automate engineering of electrical heat tracing:

Generated drawings are integrated in process control systems with control screens branching to isometrics and heating circuit list.

Workflow: Data import (line list, isometrics), database:

Workflow: Calculation with eltherm designer, assignment plans generated:

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