ELPW drum heating jackets are ideally suited for use where process media have to be heated up or kept warm in 200 litre standard drums. Warming a liquid reduces its viscosity, thereby facilitating pumping and filling operations. It also prevents crystallisation and flocculation. Solids can be liquefied. These heating jackets provide efficient heat transfer thanks to their design and the physical contact with the drum. They prevent heat accumulation, thereby protecting the drum content from damages resulting from heat. Quick-release fasteners simplify assembly and removal. Moreover, the metal sheet shell protects the heating element against damages. The heating jacket ELPW-200l can either be used individually with a control unit or together with two other heating jackets ELPW-200l-E which can be connected to it.

Technical Benefits

  • Uniform temperature across the drum
  • Prevents heat accumulation
  • Improved pumping and filling operations
  • Prevents crystallisation and flocculation of liquids
  • Efficient heat transfer through physical contact with the drum