This power regulator with timer, for the energy-saving usage of the ELRS-W heating tape, enables reliable Legionella protection. High user friendliness and selectable preset parameters ensure quick and easy installation. Using the Water Comfort System with the eltherm ELSR-W heating tape and accessories a potable water piping system can be operated without a circulation system. Associated pump, valves and fitting are therefore not necessary any more. The heating tape is used for temperature maintenance. With electrical heat tracing warm water is provided all the way to the water outlet. This saves water because the warm water is readily available when opening the faucet. This system requires less room because the heating tape is placed directly on the warm water pipe. So it is less expensive to install and requires no maintenance. With electrical heat tracing you can save up to 65 % of your energy costs compared to a circulation system.* The wide range of operating voltage inputs and the additional possibility to operate at 24 VDC make the ELTC-W outstanding. A further advantage is given by the additional heating circuit for frost protection.


* Exemplary system: 1/2“ piping, heated length 10m, 15 mm thermal insulation, power consumption of pump 75 W, temperature maintenance 45°C, ambient temperature 15°C.

Technical Benefits

  • Energy-saving usage for ELSR-W
  • Legionella Protection
  • With timer
  • Requires less room
  • Easy to install