SCADA Solution


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

TraceVision® is eltherm's SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system to control and monitor electrical heat tracing systems in any type of industry. TraceVision’s heat tracing controllers can be programmed
individually and configured for each heat tracing circuit.
A heat tracing system can be configured with up to 72 temperature controllers (type EL-HTC/22) capable of providing several operating modes, including ON/OFF, PI or ATPC (ambient sensing) control. Each controller can be individually programmed with key parameters including temperature set points and alarm limits, current alarm levels as well input from up to 12 temperature probes.

The main components of the system:

  • BEL-HTC/22: Heat tracing controller (PLC basiert) for up to 72 heating circuits
  • EL-CAN/24DI or 24DO: CAN bus I/O modules with 24 digital in/outputs
  • EL-CAN/8AI: CAN bus I/O modules with 8 analogue inputs
  • EL-CAN/8Temp: CAN bus I/O module with 8 RTD (Pt100 or Pt1000) inputs
  • Panel PC with touch screen
  • TraceVision® Viewer software
  • TraceVision® Manager
  • TraceVision® Gateway for communication with DCS

TraceVision® Viewer software: client software which allows the user to operate the system by connecting to the server

TraceVision® Manager: server software for a group of users. It manages the database which stores all information on the particular project and communications with the heat tracing controllers and interface with TraceVision® Viewer. It logs alarms and data from the heat tracing controllers to the database.

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  • It is a reliable system for monitoring and control
  • The heat tracing controls can be parametered separately to adapt each one to the requirements of each particular heating application
  • It is modular and scalable from medium-sized to very large plants with several thousand heating circuits
  • It is compatible with any Windows PC

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