End of line splice and termination device including mounting post for use with eltherm Self-Regulating Trace Heaters ELSR-H, -SH, -SHH -LS or -N: Ex-it/L with end-of-line LED indicator light or Ex-it/S with blind cap instead of LED light. Suitable for installation with separate fixing band (max. width 15 mm / ½“) on pipes with minimum size 19.05 mm (3/4“) and a maximum insulation thickness of 100 mm (3 ⁷/₈“).

Ex-it/L End-of-Line Splice and Termination Device with Indicator Safety Light
In addition to the outside-the-insulation splice or end of line termination function, this device provides visual indication of the end of the line as well as indicating that power is on (or off ). This makes it easy to identify energized heating circuits. The Ex-it LED uses a high intensity LED assembly for superior day or night visibility. 

Ex-it/S End-of-Line Splice and Termination Device
Is designed to create accessible outside-the-insulation splices or end terminations of eltherm Self-Regulating Trace Heaters. Electrical connections are made using screw-in blocks. The Ex-it range of junction boxes may be used for applications requiring terminations to be made with terminal block connections.


Housing material: Heavy duty carbonate
Enclosure Rating: IP 65
Nominal voltage: 100 – 277 V AC
Nominal output: 4 W
Operating ambient temperature: -60 °C – +55 °C / -76 °F – 131 °F
Maximum pipe temperature: 200 °C / 392 °F
Minimum installation temperature: -60 °C/ -76 °F
Minimum pipe diameter: 19.05 mm / ¾“
Maximum insulation thickness: 100 mm / 3 ⁷/₈“
Maximum tape width: 15 mm / ½“

Technical Benefits

  • Safety: LED light indicates end of line and power on/off
  • Optical control day & night thanks to high intensity LED
  • Fast assembly: pipe-mounted fitting, heater grommet and cable strain relief in one device
  • Easy maintenance: trace heater can be released thanks to screw-in connection
  • Re-usable heater-LED conection by approved terminal block
  • Approved to latest standards incorporating optical safety