Intrinsically safe hand held controller pad for use with the Ex-Box REG/LED and LIM/LED. The Ex-Control pad provides additional safety in a potentially explosive atmosphere. Adjustment of settings by unauthorized persons is not possible since the controller can be removed.

Fault indication

  • Sensor short
  • Sensor cut
  • Excess temperature Pt100
  • Low temperature Pt100
  • Internal excess temperature
  • External bus fault
  • Internal bus fault
  • Internal hardware fault
  • Supply voltage fault

Technical Benefits

  • Intrinsically safe controller pad
  • Without an independent power supply
  • Programming and operation in hazardous areas

Programmable Parameters

  • Upper set point of adjustable temperature range
  • Temperature set point
  • Alarm, excess temperature
  • Alarm, low temperature
  • Load disconnection – excess temperature
  • Bus address 1 – 32
  • Adjusting point Pt100
  • Temperature unit °C and °F