up to + 50 °C


Junction Box, Round for Hazardous Areas

The innovative junction box ELAK-Ex-R is suitable for use in potentially explosive atmosphere in accordance with Ex-guidelines 94/9/CE (ATEX 95). Thanks to its exceptional shape it provides a number of advantages. Due to the form of the box, for instance, it is not necessary to strongly bend the inserted cable thereby avoiding cable damage.
A safety lock, with appropriate tool included, prevents the cover from moving. Additional features permitting the attachment of sign plates facilitate easy identification of heating circuits in complex systems. Suited for wall-mounting.

  • Chemistry and Petrochemistry
  • Industrial Applications
  • Power plants
  • Freeze prevention
  • Temperature maintenance
  • No static charge
  • Rapid closing of the cover through snap fit, no tool required
  • Increased mechanical safety through round shape
  • Permits fixing of customer identification plates
  • Up to three heating cables can be connected

Product highlights

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The junction box ELAK-R is for heating cables in temperature maintenance and freeze protection.

    Technical Data

    Ambient temperature
    - 40 °C up to + 50 °C
    Nominal Current
    max. 28 A each terminal
    Nominal voltage
    max. 550 V
    Terminals heating cable
    max. 6 mm² (optional 10 mm²)
    Terminals temperature sensor
    max. 1.5 mm²
    Polyamide, no static charge
    Enclosure dimension
    Ø 150 mm, height 125 mm
    Cable glands
    IP rating
    0.7 kg
    Mounting option
    Wall mounting


    Operating Instructions
    1.2 MB
    Declaration of Conformity
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