Power distribution panels boards for heat tracing in hazardous areas are designed by eltherm and produced by qualified partners. They allow EHT equipment to be safely operated in hazardous areas. Circuit breakers are impressively user-friendly and ensure safe operation. Assembly is fast and easy. A hinged inspection glass allows the panels to be actuated from outside, even when live. The switching position is always visible.

  • Power distribution board for lighting circuits and heat tracing systems
  • Nominal current of 6-40 A, rated tripping current of 30 mA, switching capacity of 10 kA

The standard designs have 10 to 36 outgoing lines and are designed for rated operational currents of up to 160 A. Designs to customer specifications are also possible.

Technical Benefits

  •     Customer-specific options possible
  •     Miniature circuit breaker, tripping characteristic C
  •     Residual current circuit breaker with overcurrent release, tripping characteristic C
  •     Terminal sizes from 1,5 to 16 mm²