Standard eltherm power and control panels provide costeffective power distribution, monitoring and control for heat tracing circuits. They cover the majority of applications in industrial facilities, oil and gas, power, petrochemical and chemical plants. These power and control panels, designed in cooperation with leading panel producers are configured for heat tracing circuits in hazardous areas with the contrl panels located in outside the hazardous zone. They are equipped with a JUMO safetyM STB/STW Ex controller.

Type EL-PCP, single and 3 phase, 1 to 15 heating circuits

Standard equipment (example):

  • 1x main switch 20A, 1 terminal
  • 1x circuit breaker B6A, 1 terminal
  • 1x signal lamp
  • 1x signal lamp, red (error)
  • 1x relay (error 1 W. isolated)

Standard equipment per heating circuit (example):

  • 1x temperature controller ELTC-21
  • 1x FI/LS C16/0,03A, 2 terminals
  • 1x contacter

Technical Benefits

  • Modular design 
  • Easy planning and design
  • Simple and fast to install and start up
  • Proven reliabiliy and quality
  • Reduced time and effort
  • Cost effective
  • Safe and reliable