To ensure that rail traffic runs smooth and safe even in winter when it's snowy and cold ...

... rails, conductor rails and switches must be protected from frost.

Frost protection is just as essential for power rails as it is for other slide rails and switch points, because if the points can move and the tracks are free of ice and snow, trains can run reliably and on time. Instead of standing in the cold, passengers will be able to commute on time and goods will reach their destination as scheduled.

Innovative solutions for heating rails and switch points:

Solving frost-related problems in rail and railway traffic with electrical heat tracing!

Protection against frost is important in rail transport, especially when it comes to getting people and goods reliably to their destinations. But to keep rails and switches free of snow and ice, an optimised heat transfer from the heating cable to the rail or switch is required. An additional cover profile protects the electrical heat tracing from damage and reduces heat loss. The various heat tracing systems are easy and quick to install and require little maintenance.

"EL-Point" switch point heating system
Our "EL-Point" heat tracing system ensures that the switch points can be moved without any problems, even if there is snow and ice. The system can be adapted to suit a wide range of requirements so that any unevenness can be levelled out. This enables better heat transfer from the heating cable to the track, which increases the rail temperature with a relatively low power output.

Our "EL-Point" system is insulated with a cover profile and placed on the outer side of the stock rail on the rail web. The rail web serves as a radiator to keep the space between the stock rail and switch rail free of snow and ice. This saves energy costs! The system can be precisely controlled using an intelligent control system, which also reduces operating costs.

"EL-Rail" conductor rail heating system
The "EL-Rail" system consists of six serial resistance heating cables with a silicone outer sheath and fluoropolymer insulation that protects against moisture. The heating cable is attached directly to the rail with a cover profile and an individual holding bracket. Using this electrical system, the conductor rail is kept free of snow and ice and all signals can be transmitted without any interference.

"EL-Track" conductor rail heating system
Among others, the "EL-Track" system is the eltherm solution developed for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (WMATA) for heating their conductor rails. The integrated EL-Track system is based on a compact, flexible parallel heating cable. A unique thermal insulating track reduces heat loss to the environment.

Key facts
  • quick, easy installation and maintenance
  • optimised heat transfer
  • reduction of heat loss due to an additional cover profile
  • lower power requirement than is the case with alternative solutions
  • complete system including control and system monitoring

An eltherm rail heating system in operation

Trace Heater

Power connection


Holding bracket

Cover profile

  1. Trace Heater
  2. Power connection
  3. Termination
  4. Holding bracket
  5. Cover profile


By mounting the heating cable on the outer side of the stock rail, existing attachments can prevent the heating cable from being installed. It must be checked individually whether a particular point type can be heated.

eltherm also offers a heating system for the locks.

The heating systems can be operated with a voltage ranging from 48V - 1000V AC/DC.

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