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Climate protection represents one of the political priorities of the European Union. The climate targets constitute the contribution of the EU states within the framework of the Paris Climate Agreement. Like all companies, you are facing new challenges. In this sense, the share of renewable energies is to be increased to at least 27%. Stricter emission regulations must be met and neutral energy solutions must be implemented.

Your Challenge

Condensation formation

Hydrogen can be stored in three different ways. The method of liquefied gas storage involves liquefying the hydrogen by cooling it down. In this process, the hydrogen is stored at -253°C. To ensure more energy to be stored in a container, hydrogen is compressed at highpressure, thus increasing its energy density. In order to protect the undried hydrogen from condensate formation, electric trace heating is used. The flexible and adaptable electric heat tracing systems of eltherm are ideal to keep your processes at temperature. Since more energy can be stored in a container, hydrogen is compressed by high pressure, increasing its energy density.

In order to protect undried hydrogen from condensation, electrical heat tracing is used. The flexible and adaptable eltherm electric trace heaters are ideal in order to keep your processes at temperature.

Our Solution

Electrical heat tracing

At eltherm, you will experience a seamless service chain that extends from your task or problem to the finished product or the ready-to-use system. From our own research and development, to design, product management, office and field service, application technology and on-site service, you will find everything under the proverbial „one roof“ and from a single source. From A-Z.

Convincing Advantages
  • Surface heating and selective spot heating.
  • Prefabricated, tailor-made as well as individual solutions. We offer you individual and customer-specific solutions.
  • Proven technology that keeps all processes running smoothly.
  • Everything from A to Z from a single source.
  • Turnkey service from engineering to commissioning.
  • Greater resource efficiency through intelligent controls.
  • The eltherm organization‘s products are ATEX and IECEx certified. Ex-approved and certified electrical heat-tracing solutions offer you safe functions and compliance with strict international safety standards in many industries.

When is an electrical heat tracing system used?

  • During heating and temperature maintenance of pipelines and containers as well as during manufacturing processes in industry.
  • When ice formation on the fittings must be avoided.
  • When foundations need to be protected from frost.
  • Where processes with an acceptable yield are accelerated by higher process temperatures, such as e.g. 400 to 500 °C in ammoniak synthesis, fertilizer production via the Haber-Bosch process, 50 to  80 °C or 700 to 1000 °C in the production of green hydrogen via AEL/PEMEL or SOEL electrolysis process and 220 °C during fat hardening.

Electrical heat tracing

in the hydrogen process

Gaseous hydrogen is considered highly dangerous when in contact with open fire and in combination with oxygen. An oxyhydrogen reaction occurs. Therefore, all hydrogen lines that transport undried hydrogen require an explosion-proof ex trace heating.

This applies to hydrogen lines from the electrolysis station to the compressor, from the compressor to the storage tanks as well as from the storage tanks to the balancing vessel and to the dryer or transfer station to the local network.

Beheizung Energiepark

Electrolysis station


Storage tank



Gas grid feed-in

Route with heated pipelines

  1. Electrolysis station
  2. Compressor
  3. Storage tank
  4. Reservoir
  5. Dryer
  6. Gas grid feed-in
  7. Route with heated pipelines

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