Heating Water Pipe

On and Inside Pipes

Mobile potable and domestic water supply as well as the reliable drainage of rain and waste water at low temperatures is susceptible to freeze damage. Frozen and burst pipes cause serious problems and additional costs, especially at building sites. Freeze protection for mobile water supply is essential, both internal heating of potable and domesic water pipes and on-pipe installation, e. g. for waste water applications.

  • Potable
  • Tap
  • Waste water

Freeze prevention on potable, tap and waste water pipes

The self-regulating heating cable ELSR-M-AF/BF in lightweight construction is suitable for food and potable water. With its specific outer jacket it can be installed inside pipes.

Freeze Protection on and inside Potable Water, Water and Rainwater Pipes

We offer suitable heating cables for various freeze protection applications which are easy to install. Being experts in freeze protection of different applications for 25 years, we have developed useful systems to fight frost damage professionally, like our food-safe and potable water approved self-regulating heating cable ELSR-M-AF/BF for potable water applications or our reliable heating cable ELSR-N for domestic and waste water applications.

Both can be installed inside a pipe. They keep the pipes ice-free without insulation, down to -30 °C. These heating cables are highly flexible and perfect for short heating circuits, whereby ELSR-M-AF allows the smallest dimension. eltherm also offers the appropriate system for the external heating of potable water, wastewater and rainwater pipes - including control and monitoring and suitable accessories.

A higher level of safety and considerable cost savings in the long term and are the key benefits of our systems.

Used Products


Heated Hoses

  • Small dimensions
  • Can be installed inside the pipe
  • Control and monitoring and suitable accessories available
  • Flexible heated hoses for mobile potable, tap and waste water supply
  • Nominal diameters: 19 & 25
  • Internally heated potable and waste water pipe




eltherm designer 2.01

eltherm designer provides the tools to calculate, select and plan EHT systems and solutions for vessels and tanks. Selecting the appropriate eltherm trace heater, picking the associated accessories, and calculating key elements of EHT design have never been easier. This software is provided free-of-charge.

This software is provided free-of-charge.

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